More WTC Meeting report

PCC Emily Gutteridge 151210-2Part of the meeting, there is a CCTV report giving the Councillors and public a monthly update, at this meeting was the Police & Crime Commissioners outreach worker Emily Gutteridge.
In the CCTV report –
Incident 3 “28th October 2015 at 19:59 , The CCTV Team observes a group of youths possibly using an illegal substance whilst sat in the skate park at the Manor Leisure Centre. Police control is informed but all officers are busy at other jobs so unable to attend”


Councillors and the public are very concerned about this incident/report.
Having been involved with Policing/Neighbourhood Watch/Criminal justice system for many years, I fully understand ‘how’ the Police prioritise jobs……I would have thought this incident would have been fairly high on their Radar.
We have a ‘small’ team within Whittlesey, and of course they are not always around 24/7.
But I think incidents like this do no good what-so-ever in the publics confidence.

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