Lucky – Lucky – Lucky….

151206-FlyTip-01Most people know I am ‘passionate’ about keeping our town & villages clean and tidy, it also has been proven that when areas are kept clean, crime and anti-social behaviour reduces as well – When I came back from Peterborough this afternoon I saw sofa’s/settee’s just dumped in an area close to the centre, Coming back along Storeys Bar Road towards North Bank, I counted 7 different piles of Fly-Tipping, this is always a ‘favourite’ place for the low life to dump their rubbish. We have to be grateful that 151206-FlyTip-02FDC still has a rapid response team – We are NOT Fly Tipping Free, as we are NOT Litter free, but between several individuals/Street Pride/and other groups we try and keep our town and villages in reasonable condition. We have even noticed LESS Dog Muck recently, but again we are still not totally 151206-FlyTip-03and never will be free of these problems.

I am sure if people travel around they must notice how bad other areas are.
So although no longer on the management side of Street Pride, my commitment to the group in carrying on (For nearly 9 years now) Litter Picking and Rubbish collecting is still one of my pass times – (I find it very therapeutic)

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