Street Life – Speeding Issues !!!!

SpeedWatch 01A New RoadJust don’t get it! – people complaining about ‘speeding’ all over the area.
Give me a speed gun – I’ll do it – one poster put up – where have you been Mrs….!!!
Here in Whittlesey ‘we’ have tried so many times to get a ‘Speed Watch’ group up and running – I’ve lost count. Tried over a period of around 6 or 7 years to get ‘just’ 6 members of the public to join – best we managed was ‘4’
Advertised all over the place – although SpeedWatch‘Street Life’ was not operating then.
Speed Watch has its +’s and -‘s – Public no too happy with getting zapped and a visit by the police. The last one I joined in was on my own with PCSO Moll, since then it has died’ a death.
So my answer to the Street Lifers complaints and offers – Get in touch with me – I’ll see if we can get ‘6 to 8’ like minded community spirited residents to form a ‘Speed Watch Group’.

There used to be 3 Speed Camera Vans operated by Cambs Police within Cambridgeshire.
There is now 1 Speed Camera Van shared between 3 counties – cuts to the police budget are to blame they said?

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