Sainsburys Update – No Supermarket next Year?

Received this evening, from Martin Whitwell Chairman Whittlesey Country Park.

Dear Country Park Friends,
I would like to thank all of you for your continued support through all the planning process, there`s no doubt that we would not be in a position where all the plans have been passed by FDC without your support, but where do we go from here? 

I take it that by now you all will have received a mail from David Mills of Sainsburys saying that the Whittlesey store will not be built next year, although not the news we all wanted at least we have not been crossed off altogether, and with this in mind I would like to ask you all to email the MD and CEO of Sainsburys to remind them that Whittlesey has not gone away and would still like to have a new Sainsburys Store and Country Park, in doing this the message goes to the top instead of being filtered out by people lower down the management structure.

Your help is very much appreciated let`s all make some noise to show Sainsbury`s how positive we all are in Whittlesey.
Email addresses of MD & CEO
[email protected]
[email protected] 

If any of you have not got the time to pen your own letter you can down load the attachment provided by us and just add your own name to it. 

Martin Whitwell
Chairman WCP

If you would like to support Friends of Whittlesey Country Park.
[email protected]

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