More News WTC Meeting 11/11/15

Another topic ‘very briefly’ touched on was Cllr Ralph Butcher informed the rest of the Councillors that ‘The Recycling Centre’ would remain open for another year.
It looks like this will be looked at on a year-to-year basis then?
The CCTV System report is somewhat not that helpful just a few statistics, this area is being looked into as part of the ‘finance review’ taking place at FDC.
There is/was a meeting at Fenland Hall today with Councillors attending – this has already been well documented in the Cambs Times© today.

I wonder if ‘we’ will find out what has been discussed – ‘behind the scenes’ as happens, but I doubt as NO Councillor is keeping the electorate informed on a daily/weekly or monthly basis….why don’t you ask them why? – Not everyone is a fan of Twitter® or Faceless Book®.

Of course another item discussed was the ‘Loooong’ awaited Whittlesey Town Council Website….Months and well over a year. I can inform the Council it takes about 10 minutes to get a website started and then just a bit of time and effort to update and maintain.
I have run my Shipping Company Website for over 10 years and this one for 5 years.
Lets move into the 20th century please, of course they did not mention cost?
My cost ‘ minimal’ 2 websites less than £100:00 a year with full redundancy.
We wait and wait as usual.

Cllr David Mason is admirably is still on his campaign for a better Bus Service at night time.
He updated the members on the normal NO contact/communication from Stagecoach. He is looking at another provider, one quoted over £200+ for an after 8pm service for a 12 seater bus which worked out at over £13 person single journey – I don’t think so.
By chance I bumped into David yesterday and informed him of my long term contact with Anthea Head of Decker Bus and my old school friend Billy Wright (Morleys Bus).
Decker Bus runs a near 100% School Bus contract with ‘some’ private hire and tours.
(WBS ) Morleys had to give up late night services one reason because of vandalism to their buses en-route to Whittlesey, would frequently be ‘stoned’ or have ‘bricks’ thrown at them – you can imagine what problems that caused.
Anyway I wish David every success in his quest – Good Luck.

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