Thanks Discovering Whittlesea

RG in The Hot Seat 01AMany thanks to Natasha and the team @ Discovering Whittlesea© for inviting me to do the article in the November edition. As a ‘local boy’ it is very humbling to be asked to do this. As happens someone asked me ‘why’ some of my cv was missing, trying to catch me out? – Well it is well known I worked for the Government and I hope to put a post up in the near future, once I have permission to do so.

All very ‘quiet’ on local issues, nothing much happening with the ‘Sainburys Supermarket’ – No news on the Showfields development.
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But I did get a ‘whisper’ that Our Council may well be looking in to giving themselves ‘Medals’ again.
This topic came up a couple of years ago, and at the time I was very vocal against it, I still am – there should be NO cost to the Public/Ratepayer.

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