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Here we go again – The rumour mill – Marian D plus others hiding behind pseudonyms.
heard today about the proposed closure of our Police Station. Surely to close this would be criminal. … I wonder whose bright idea this was!
Next of course comes the next very mis-informed and lets have a go at ALL councillors whilst we’re at it.
I Roy Gerstner have attended 100’s of meeting with the Police/Police Authority/Crime Commissioners Office over the past 10 years.
The ‘FACT’ is that ALL assets are always under review. Cambs Police Commissioner has massive savings to be made (As all other authorities). This has come from Central Government, who have always blamed the previous Government for the financial legacy.
Like with the General election and local elections – we have all had a vote, the ‘peoples’ democracy took its course.
Only this week I was at a meeting in Hinchingbrooke Police HQ, and I asked some senior members of the issues of ‘closures’ – I was given exactly the same answers – All assets are under constant review.

Whittlesey Police Station OpeningOne day – when – sooner or later ours and many other local Police Stations will close.
My picture of the official opening is of poor quality.

‘Mid-Anglia Police Authority’
The building was opened on 3rd October 1968 by
Alderman T.W. Anthony J.P.
Chairman of the County Council

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