Something a bit more serious…..

Naturally I ‘watch’ StreetLife’® like many others. The latest ‘Brutal bout’ between ‘Willy L’ and Martin Curtis, shows the level that can be reached on this website. I am not favouring one or another, but I score on this occasion Willy L 1 : 0 Martin Curtis.
QO0E51_photoMartin being Martin, has taken the ‘hook’ – lock, stock and smoking barrel.
Like any ‘good’ politician he has ‘tried’ to make an open debate about a subject, only to be vilified for ‘his’ arguments – that I am afraid this is the risk of trying to convince the ‘public’ that ‘he’ knows best.

3zTBr4_photoMy congratulations to Willy L who on this occasion ‘appears’ to come out best.
Of course Willy L is a ‘previous’ Councillor – before my time, maybe we need a cv of Mr Willy L, to remind us who and when he stood as a ‘peoples champion’? I am waiting!
Photo’s © StreetLife.

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