I attended the Consultation……

Consultation Doc 2Today in March, I attended the first of several consultation meetings in regards to NHS – Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services, which at some time will impact on us all.
I wrote about this on the 01st Sept.
Presentation by Mr Kyle Cliff a Director of the CCG (Cambs Commissioning Group) explained to the 8  people attending (Only myself from Whittlesey) in simple terms the reasoning for the change.
Basically, transport within Cambs is provided at present by many different companies, under the ‘New’ regime everything will come under One provider, with One point of contact and One phone number.
Consul 150916ADirector Kyle Cliff explaining the process and took many questions from myself (14 in total).
He answered very well, although a number of questions could not be answered because the ‘New’ contract is not yet in place.
Our area spend £16 million a year of Non- Emergency Patients Transport, and I dare say that ‘they’ the CCG by having one provider will ultimately save money?
At the end I asked ‘why’ Whittlesey was not included in the consultation process….
The answer was – Previous consultations proved non very popular, the last one only 4 people attended (I being 1)….However there is some good news…. The CCG has been approached by the New Queen Street Surgery PPG (Cllr Kay Mayor), and they hope to bring this meeting to Whittlesey sometime in October…When I know the date/time, I will publish….

The CCG responsible for the provision of healthcare has a total budget of nearly £1 Billion per annum.

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