A Few – Traffic & Road Issues…

NHW 150909 NHW 150911

Two unfortunate vehicles parked legally on Whitmore Street had their drivers side mirrors smashed.
NHW 150910A     NHW 150911-01

Peterborough Road – This week work on-going cleaning drains, however we suffer the usual blight of discarded road signs, I have forgotten how many times I have raised this issue, at present there are 7 such signs ‘dumped’ along the hedging along Peterborough Road from the crossing to the water tower…. over the years I/we have collected in excess of a hundred road signs, asked to return them to the contractor who left them, only to find no one has come back to us to collect them – they end up at the Recycling Centre (They are none to happy to receive them either)… This is at some cost to someone – probably us as if the contractor is short of signage – they ultimately will charge within their contract… and we ratepayers will eventually end up paying….. Time someone go a ‘grip’ of this….

150907-02Here we have a ‘Stupid fast food’ delivery driver, too lazy to park properly on the left of the picture. Blocks road, and unknowing, a serious accident just happened in this spot a few years ago, when friend and neighbour Stuart Rippon was knocked off his bike and just about survived…

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