Last nights 3 hour Council meeting…..

A ‘Full House’ – every councillor present and correct. A long busy agenda, with 6 members of the public present.
Our ‘newish’ Police – Sector Inspector Will Davies brought the council up to speed with developments…. he ‘said’ it was NOT all doom and gloom – however from where I was sitting, there certainly wasn’t a great deal to be ‘Happy’ about….cut backs, cut backs and even more cut backs….I’ll cover this in a later ‘post’
SP 150908-FlyTip Funthams LaneSally Mitchell, the resident Street Scene Officer for Whittlesey gave her report, I have to say, I and many others are very impressed with Sally (Not necessary the Street Scene Group) She is on the ball – out and about – walks the walk and has had ‘some’ results.
6 Penalty notices given in the whole of Fenland for Littering (1 in Whittlesey) (1 Dog Fowling) – 3 people taken to court in respect of Fly-Tipping. (This latest along Funthams Lane)

The rest of the meeting was ‘normal’ business, there was one interesting part, during the public forum, a member of the public asked about ‘The Letter’ (See previous post) about a councillor objecting re the ‘new’ Sainsburys application, lots of shaking heads? by councillors! – No one ‘appears to have knowledge of said ‘letter’. When Cllr Garratt questioned the issue he was somewhat curtly chopped/cut off….is the something sinister going on here, I am not the only member of the public who picked this up – 3 others did so.
We will have to wait until the minutes of the Planning meeting become available!!!!
Then of course there is the now recording of every meeting – surely this should tell us – who/what was said!…I eagerly await.
I wonder if there is any mention of the ‘letter’…
There was a lot of ground covered, and to be fair to Alex Miscandlon the chairman, he did on this occasion ‘try’ and keep to the agenda and not let councillors wander off too much, 3 hours for them is long enough and 3 hours for us is also long enough.

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