Money for Nothing – Cheques for Free!!!!!

150903-02Yesterday I was invited and attended a ‘Fenland Round Table’ event in Wisbech, put on by CCVS (Cambs Community Voluntary Services) – I was the ONLY attendee from Whittlesey – NO Councillors or other community Group from Whittlesey.
Part of the round table talk was ‘Wisbech Community Lead Development’ Yes WISBECH is getting £1,000,000 (That’s a Million) to spend from EU Funding, this is because ‘they’ have ‘statistical’ evidence that they have a higher proportion of ‘people’ in need or areas of social deprivation (The Waterlees area).
For Whittlesey residents – Waterlees has had a ‘vast’ amount of money going into the area.
There could be funding for ‘other’ rural areas under Cambridgeshire Fens LEADER Program… I wonder if ANY of our elected representatives will be there/part of/fight the case for Whittlesey to get some of this Lovely money.
ps…I am not sure if this is ‘Another Million’ that Wisbech !!!! is getting!!

There was some 25 attendees, mainly from Wisbech, & Chatteris – and ME (Whittlesey).

15090305 150903-04
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Unfortunately I am unable to attend the LEADER event, and in any case I am NOT an elected representative – If YOU think Whittlesey should be represented – I suggest you contact your councillor and ask if they will represent YOU…..

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