Some Good News – Some Not So…

NHW 150815We know their are ‘some’ low life within our community, whether it be the ‘idiots’ who damage ‘flowers and plants’ – yer I am so tough bashing some plants up’ or those forever littering and dog fouling who do not clear up after their doggies… so now we have the ‘Heron’ shopping trolly which was abandoned near ‘Aliwal Lock’ I went and reported it to the shop – and today it has gone, well maybe it still had the £1 in it – I didn’t check…..

Rose Homes 01A   SP 150816-03B
(Click on photo to enlarge)
My thanks on behalf of Street Pride to Mr Robert Gregory of Rose Homes (Whittlesey) – NO connection to the Rose planning application at Showfields, who very rapidly sent his ‘men’ to Church Street and repaired the damaged wall –  we have some fantastic support.

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