Some !!! – Do not understand Democracy….

The prolific avid writers on Street Life are at it yet again…. I say some!
The accusations that ALL councillors are corrupt ALL are useless and we need more police, it goes on and on….. where/what planet are some of these people been living on….
‘We’ have just had elections in May, I and a very few others made our stand, we were well beaten by the due democratic process, with a good turn out (66%). What about the (34%) that didn’t bother to vote, I thinks…many of the persistent complainants are in this group.
I stand/stood as the only ‘Independent’ as I am not politically aligned to anyone, the electorate decided to vote elsewhere and I’ve always accepted the results.
No faults, but again ‘some’ of the Street Lifers, perhaps do/did not realise that some councillors were elected unopposed – so ‘if’ they have so much compassion about our Town issues, why not PUT up or just SHUT up.
At least with the upcoming re-elections in the Bassenhally ward, Colin Gale and Dave Chapman are giving the electorate a ‘choice’ against the Conservative Martin Curtis, I don’t see any of the Street Life whingers names there – case closed…..

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