‘Unluckiest Town….Sainsburys rumbles on-off…

Cambs Times© @ 16:06 …
Sainsbury’s bid to open a store in Whittlesey looked increasingly fragile tonight after their late efforts to overturn “onerous” planning conditions were rejected by Fenland District Council
I can not count on two hands the number of times ‘we’ Whittlesey residents/public – rate payer/ex councillors/present councillors have tried to do our very best for what the town wants or is crying out for….over 4 years of issues after issues, block after block.
Planning problems after problems, Tesco’s/Cemetery Road, Tesco’s Station Road on and on, I’ve never so far other than Tesco’s at Fakenham come across such an issue.
Now ‘we’ had all thought ‘a’ supermarket is finally coming, with some much needed small business park and a very welcomed ‘Country Park’ – everything looks as though it could be in the balance again.
I feel extremely sorry for the ‘dozens’ of people who have promoted and worked hard over the years to get something our town needs….Will we be left high and dry again….
Are we just very unlucky – Planning developments don’t go our way and now a big question whether our out of town development will ever happen….
I’m quoting myself again…..and again…. I’ll believe it when I see the first spade for the foundations dug out, I hope to be there to take the picture!

ps….Tesco’s took up their option in Chatteris, only not to occupy the building when finished!…

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