And Another Thing!

Moving on from my chance meeting of the Green Party candidate, I happened to ask him if he was aware of some of the ‘issues’ within St Marys/St Andrews Wards, to which I am sorry to say I got a pretty blank look. Sorry, I do not wish to ‘bash’ another candidate, but please – do a bit of research before standing….or better still would have been to have attended a few if not all Council meeting over a period of time.
I see on the ‘Social Networking site’ – sorry I don’t like the name so won’t use it, there are even more ‘rumours’ of shop closures.
I can confirm that another two businesses will be closing in the near future for various reasons.
Shop Closures 2Sorry that Nancy (Goude) is closing sometime in June, husband Reg is not very well and her lease is up for renewal, she also stated that business rates were an issue.
Fox’s Cakery I understand is also closing.
We have already a growing number of vacant shop units….I wonder what the future holds for small businesses when/if Sainsburys is built?

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