Controversy @ Church Street

Church Street 02 A great deal of ‘misinformation‘ being banded around on ‘Social Networking sites’ about the ‘Safety Enhancements’ carried out on Church Street.
I have lived ‘off’ Ramsey Road for nearly 40 years and am more than ‘qualified’ to make a comment.
When this road was built, cars, lorries and buses did not exist…..Now dozens of HGV’s, a number of buses and LOTS of cars use this road daily.
The very narrow area by St Andrews Church and ‘The Letter B’ has always been a very dangerous place to pass – as a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian.
Before the Social Networkers’ get over-heated, they should have asked, ‘Why’ – the simple reason is Safety.
Now, we have to wait and see….. I can report that already there has been 2 minor accidents… Why …because drivers are not paying attention to the new road signage and NOT giving way to the priority markings. Just before I took this picture a poor lady cyclist was coming from the Pondersbridge direct quite happily, until a car coming the other direction DID NOT Give Way and nearly had her off.
I agree it is still a big problem for HGV’s and for vehicles coming out of London Street.
Lets see what happens and report any issues through our Council/councillors – so we can report back to Cambridgeshire Highways who designed this ‘enhancement’
As always my contact details are at the top of the page…

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