Some ‘Bad’ MP’s

I don’t normally use this forum for ‘National politics’ – but ‘we’ minions at local level, get humped in with those higher echelons when it comes to ‘dirt’ – we’re all the same some public would have us believe!
MP claimed £17 on expenses for the cost of a Remembrance Day poppy wreath.
Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham, billed the taxpayer for the tribute as “office costs”, describing it as “necessary expenses (© BBC News)

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps has said he “screwed up” in a recent interview when he suggested he never had a “second job” while an MP. Mr Shapps admitted he had “over firmly” denied continuing his writing career – under the pen name Michael Green – when he entered the Commons in 2005. (© BBC News)

It seems to go on – and – on – and – on…. what trust does the electorate have when after years of expense scandals is never ending.

Just so our Whittlesey electorate are not misinformed on such places at ‘Streetlife’ – I have never been paid to be a councillor, I have never claimed any expenses whilst being a councillor and if I was ever elected as a District councillor NONE of my expenses would go to any political group to help fight elections/run an office/pay an official – In fact I would go as far to say, I have donated/sponsored many good causes from my own resources whilst being a ‘local councillor’ and will do so in the future, irrespective of my being elected or not in the forthcoming elections….SO get the message please – NO DIRT HERE….

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