Things are ‘Hotting Up!’ Maybe …!

Present and ‘would be’ councillors are upping their ‘anti’ as the election date draws closer.
I and many others find it almost ‘unbelievable’ that ‘some of the‘ would be councillors have NEVER attended a single council meeting ever, now this of course is their course of action. Never attended planning meetings, never attended community events/projects.
But….as some UKIP County Councillors in Wisbech who were elected never having done any campaigning, never been involved in community projects, never attended any previous council meetings, met with a great ‘brick wall’ when the electorate decided to vote them in.
‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’  your present councillors, most have been very passionate about their electorate, whether they voted for that particular Councillor or not.
Some have just ‘cruised along’, some are very quiet but work hard in the background.
When election time comes – you the voter has the final choice….
Never mind the National ‘Spin’ and ‘Promises’ you/we all know that ‘most’ promises never reach the statute book.
Ask what has YOUR Councillor done for YOU and YOUR community, – the would be ‘paper candidate’ is mainly there to make a ‘political statement’ – Sorry not required in local/town councils.
Your Vote – Your Call… I urge people to use their vote carefully…

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