Happy New Year

Oleron 37AA new year and lets hope a good one! On Holiday at present, but am always contactable by e-mail or text.
My loyal friends keep in touch with me and I am abreast of what is going on.
So with elections ‘looming’ in May, what will it hold for Whittlesey I wonder!….We know a few sitting councillors are not seeking re-election. One being Ken Mayor, who I have a great deal of respect, has serviced his constituents for many years, held many senior posts at Fenland and has represented ‘Whittlesey’ to the best we can hope.
I well deserved ‘retirement’
Most of our Whittlesey councillors have worked very hard over the last 4 years, I have worked with many, and again I respect their hard work and tireless campaign to have our voice heard. Some unfortunately have not done so well?
So what is going to be my stance – At present I have not made a decision.
I have been approached by (2) main steam parties offering a ‘hand of friendship’ for which I am very grateful and honoured, however I still need a bit of convincing to ‘move’ from my
totally independent position. The next few weeks may change my course.
I am NOT a fan of Cameron, who for an educated Eton twit has only ever told me ‘Lessons must be learnt’ – his favourite phrase, in fact I have been known when he an ‘Clegg’ drop themselves into it – that they would be better known as ‘Dumb and dumber’ – now of course if ‘Boris’ were to be leader my support for the conservatives may be changed –  at least you know what you are getting – Another Eton educated ?
So I hope some regular mutterings and updates, we do live in a nice, reasonably clean and safe place. Some good schools and in general good health services. I am lobbying where necessary.
Happy New Year –

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