I also wonder if Councillors ever listen to their electorate !!!!

Having lobbied hard along with many others to try and make some sort of ‘impact’ on our County councillors…. Whittlesey and Villages put in by far the most filled in surveys.
Out of some 2,207 respondents, 497 (22%) came from us? – in comparison  Wisbech only responded with 7% – now what should that tell us……
I do not ( and would like to be proved wrong) believe that a great deal of notice from this survey will be taken into account. (A similar survey about Transport strategy took no notice what so ever of what the public thought).
On the results I would have thought that if any Recycling Centres should be shut or hours reduced it should be those whose residents responded the least.
How about closing Wisbech then? – I am not a betting man but am willing to put money on that one !!!!!

Now – when it come election time (blow me down – only 6 months away) I wonder how much ‘listening’ some will be doing and better still how much are ‘they’ prepared to lobby our cause….

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