Save Our Recycling Centre…..

Digital imageDigital imageHere we go again, it is only 3 years since the last campaign. There is a perception that a decision has already been made! – very little notice if any was taken on views expressed during the recent Transport consultation carried out by Cambs County council.

We need as many people as possible to fill in the on line survey following the link below….

The photos taken at the time the Recycling Centre was closed for refurbishment show just some of the effects.

I attach photographs taken in 2010 when the County council spent several hundred thousand of ££££’s on the Whittlesey Recycling Centre.
This was done after the public again made it known of their views on the possible closure.

The County council are wrong in their assumption that ‘Fly Tipping’ does not increase if a Recycling Centre is closed and I would challenge this.

I have tried to lobby the County council members who sit on the committee….although to date I have only spoken with one. I will attempt to contact the others again.
How our elected County councillors are lobbying on our behalf I do not have any information.
Please we have until 26th September to make our voice heard….and that is of course whether any notice is actually taken?


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