More Spin from FDC’s Street Scene

I was aware some time ago of the FDC Street Scene giving the Overview and Security committee a report on their ‘achievements’ – then the press picked it up….
I have received a large number of comments….about the bias of the press report – I was not at the meeting so therefor did not hear the report.
One Littering Ticket given -= Whittlesey suffers no littering or fly-tipping?
I will hold back somewhat – but if FDC are looking to save money – I suggest they look at parts of the council that are not fit for purpose? (I have not mentioned what department(s).
The Whittlesey Street Priders have removed over 36,000 Kgs (That’s 36 Tons) of Litter and Rubbish in the 10 years they have been going, ‘Maybe someone’ should ‘educate’ FDC’ that this Littering does not arrive by itself.

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