January 14 Update…..

Well it is congratulations to ‘People Power’ getting together a small but vocal group to voice and fight the Planning Application off the Wash Road…..this application has been refused, by Planners at FDC – but the applicant has gone to appeal.
This is where the Nitty-Gritty starts.
The applicants (Rose family -No connection to Whittlesey based Rose Homes) will fight this all the way.
One tragedy in this wholly unwelcome application is that one Rose Brother is a ‘local councillor’ in Oundle – he and his family are well versed with planning rules and law and will flight this application to the very end.

As for my part I totally agree with most of the Whittlesey councillors, that this application is totally inappropriate….I will support in any way possible the objectors to this application.

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