Catch Up….

Sorry to have been ‘off’ the scene as such but my poor ill Dad died at the age of 88 a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been busy sorting our/his things out. I have been out and about and contactable, now back in full time business….

Rail Strategy ?….This so called plan has been around for sometime now…. My friends that went along and attended at WTC Offices, came back very disillusioned to say the least…not one question was given an answer? It was well maybe, well in 2020 or maybe 2024. What is being done in the short term….well another clean up campaign…this has been done in a semi big way twice before, on one occasion myself, the Street Priders, The payback Team and Network rail spend 3 days cleaning and clearing up…. way back on the site can be seen (July 2011). Only at the very end did Mr Barclay turn up and no chance of him getting his hands dirty. We asked to follow up on regular basis….well guess what none materialised….This is a major job that needs a lot of man-power… we ended up as we had started…..not a very nice place to be at….

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