Last note – Travesty of the County Elections

Passing by Martin Curtis Blog/Website on my monthly visit, I can not agree more with him about the ‘quality’ of those hopefuls wishing to make their mark.
Questions you the electorate need to ask – are some of these candidates really serious to work on your behalf.
It has come to my attention that one of those standing in the Whittlesey area – went off ‘fishing’ for the day of the election.
No election material.
Not in our local public domain
Seen very little of their involvement in local community meetings
Seen no activity within the community

Expect to make their mark purely on either being a ‘paper candidate’ or protest candidate.
You the elector are being seriously ripped off – I admit their was little choice in this election, and that is why 70% of the disillusioned electorate do not bother to vote.

At least vote for someone who has a voice and influence within the community.
If you don’t want to vote on a party line – which even those within the political parties agree – Vote ‘Independent’

I totally disagree with disposed of ‘Nick Clarks’ argument about the influence of Independent candidates……. they only bring up these arguments when worried.

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