Elections Over

Sorry for the lack of posts, but since I was not standing in the County Council elections, it was only fair to stay out of ‘trouble’ for this period.
I did not stand because I am ‘only’ interested in the ‘more’ local issues that Whittlesey suffers. I believe there is one too many tiers of local government.
I was disappointed in how the election went, with many candidates not putting any literature or leaflets out – who and what have some of these candidates done for your/our community. Many stood on ‘just’ being a member of a political party or group.
Then said that party politics should not come into local issues !!!! so why stand on a party platform then….!
I phoned on candidate to find out a bit more, the unfortunate was ‘hardly’ aware of any issues, problems or how councils work….. but expect and got 260 electors vote for him?

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