I was there…..History in the making…well maybe

I have now attended 8 yes that is 8 planning meetings regarding the ‘Supermarket’ coming to Whittlesey…. 4 for Whittlesey Town Council (as consultees) and 2 at March and 2 at Whittlesey.
Yesterdays meeting started at 14:30 and concluded after legal advice at 22:45.
It was a very good turn out and in general the meeting was well handled and behaved.
I still think that the Independent Councillor Mark Archer was the most robust in his questioning of all concerned. To be fair it was Marks first time ‘listening’ to this debate.
Simon King another newcomer to the debate was also one of the better questioners.

So after listening to various comment this morning, everyone is ‘Happy’ –  BUT the decision is still open to appeal and legal challenge. It needs to go to the Secretary of State for ratification.

I hope that Harrier/Tesco now see sense…. and come to some agreement to give up their
plans for Station Road…… there is of course one way to make it work…..
Sort the Railway crossing out and who know!!!!

I and the majority of Whittlesey residents look forward to the long term, a new supermarket, a business park and a country park for future generations.

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