More Rubbish !!!!…..

pleaserecycle_thumbOur Street Pride Group continues to ‘make a difference’ to our town and villages. I have for years advocated the issues surrounding re-cycling and ‘more’ that can/could be done.
Some progress has been made, but there is a long way to go…..
One Example is the deposit scheme which many countries have on bottles and cans…. I am old enough to remember the deposit scheme in this country.
The vast amount of rubbish/litter we collect is polystyrene/bottles and cans, if we had a deposit scheme most of this would not exsist.
See this link at the BBC whereby all small plastic bottles are being banned.

I have in the past approached our MP Steve Barclay about this – his response was it would ‘cost’ too much to implement/administer NO Mr Barclay you are wrong, it would only cost if the Govn set up a quango of hundreds to administer….. it doesn’t happen in other civilised countries…… Even developing countries (Malaysia) ban plastic supermarket bags on certain days of the week, this all helps…..

Maybe Mr Barclay is too ‘busy’ sourcing funding for our Kings Dyke Bridge or our By-Pass! if so I am more than happy…..(Pigs may fly)….

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