A Safe and Happy New Year

A Happy New Year – We Hope !

The Flood plain is doing its job! – some poster on the Cambs News website said ‘We are only mildly affected by the closure of the B1040’ – then of course we have the odd problem with the Kings Dyke level crossing, this leaves only Ramsey Road as our exit/entry (unless you want a 20+ miles detour) Ramsey Road is like the dodgems at the best of times (I know I live off it). What happens if we had an incident on this road?
Of course we are told that the circumstance are a very rare occasion?
Still things could be worse – a lot worse…. lets live with it. There are lots of places in England which have suffered many times during 2012 with the terrible weather and water that we’ve had.

Best wishes for 2013


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