Can You Help?




Whittlesey Concert Band are looking for a ‘new’ venue (within the Whittlesey area) to hold their weekly practice sessions.
At a minimum, they would like space on site to store the current music we are practising, say 3 stacking boxes containing up to 36 players folders and any spare music. Currently players take their music home and if they are absent, then so is the music. This space would mean we could keep these folders centrally, enabling us to cover any missing parts or ensure guests and potential new members have music to play. 

In an absolute ideal world, it would be great to have a small room on site for 3 filing cabinets and the boxes, so all band property is held centrally with access to sort and tidy the library outside of band rehearsal times.
Two charity concerts at the Indoor Bowls Complex 14th July and 15th December.

And Whittlesey Festival 8th September.

Can anyone help please.
Details and Website @

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