Could it be the demise of FOWL

Unfortunately I was unable to attend Tuesday evening meeting, however I quote an extract from the secretary below.

The group of which I have been a member and committee member since its early days, have done fantastic work to keep our Library/Learning centre as it is today.
Many events raising funds for several enhancements and an excellent conduit to Cambs Library Services, who have been very supportive.
As I have posted several times, Use it – or Loose it….

Library service come under severe pressures at times when Councils look for places to cut/save money…. by having this group we ensured the importance of having this facility.

For the time being the Library/Learning Centre along with FDC’s local Hub, remains safe.

As our secretary states we are unfortunately an elderly bunch and at times find it challenging….. If you think !!!! – you could help, a couple of hours a month is all that is required, then why not get in touch or even come along to the AGM on Tuesday 09th October at 18:30 an informative talk will be given by local historian Maureen Watson.

e-mail :- [email protected]

Unfortunately the decision was taken to discontinue The Friends in its present form as, apart from the fact the committee is aging and physically unable to continue to carry out the moving of shelves etc, no volunteers have stepped forward to take on the post of Secretary.
The discussion and subsequent decision made by the committee present at the meeting last night is outlined below and included in the Minutes.
I am sad this step has been taken but feel it was inevitable as, without younger volunteers both sitting on the committee and helping at events, the present committee has all but reached its shelf life!

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