10th Anniversary of NHW – Whittlesey

The AGM began with Chairman Roy Gerstner asking the attendees for a minutes silence in respect for those who suffered in recent incidents in London & Manchester.

Under the present constitution the group is 10 years old.
There was a NHW group prior to 2007 but not organised as a group as it is at present.

The meeting was well attended and included our 2 PCSO’s Shane and Michael who remained for the whole meeting.

Chairman Roy Gerstner updated the group with the years events and how current policing both in Fenland/Cambs and Nationally is being ‘challenging’ to say the least.

During the year I attended 4 Cambs Executive Meetings at Police HQ/Hinchingbrooke.
I attended 2 Police conferences.
I attended 14 Public engagement meetings
I met with the ‘new’ Police and Crime Commissioner.
I attended 8 Whittlesey Town Council meetings.

Secretary/Webmaster Robin Sutton gave a very good visual/interactive explanation of ‘Ransomware’
Chairman Roy Gerstner gave a talk about recent ‘Doorstep Selling’ issues that had occurred with examples of how local people had been ‘conned’

Local Police PCSO’s gave up to date information of crime and anti-social issues, there was a Q&A session – The main issues being the on-going concerns of traffic using ‘High Causeway and Anti-social behaviour in the Delph and Bassenhally areas.

The AGM election took place.
Chairman Roy Gerstner was re-elected for the 7th year
Secretary/Webmaster Robin Sutton was re-elected for the 2nd year
Treasurer John Garnett was re-elected for the 7th year.

Whittlesey NHW – Helping our community and neighbourbours to a safer place to live, work and play. Our area covers Whittlesey, Eastrea, Coates and Turves.

For a vast amount of help and information visit Whittlesey NHW Website – Click Here

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