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Firstly my apologies in advance – I am unable to attend this weeks WTC meeting as I will be in hospital first thing Thursday morning, so hopefully someone will pass what goes on!
After this weeks extremely convincing local elections, where even if you add up the combined votes for the ‘other’ candidates, the total was still very short of coming anywhere near what the Conservatives, Cllrs Boden and Connor received – we all have to respect democracy.
How ‘inconvenient’ our public toilets x 3 are still out of order….so like last week, is it now 6 if not 7 weeks they have been unusable – the latest I hear is that the company who supplied the locking system has gone out of business….so what – I just can not understand why this is such a monumental task for FDC’s environmental department – during the war – Britain built a whole ship in a couple of weeks – with toilets I might add.
I think we should start an award for this type of poor service – FDC like to get positive reviews and accolades and why not when they are deserved – but this toileting issues really is a great ‘inconvenience’!!!!!
I have been away prior to my hospital appointment Derbyshire and today in Matlock Bath where around a thousand bikers congregated for their Sunday outing, no issue with toilets here and from what I saw they all put their rubbish in the bins and they were emptied several times – well done Matlock Bath.
Maybe everyone including Councillors are concentrating on the Big issues and not addressing the smaller issues which have an equal effect….

Maybe my friend ‘Dell Boy’ could help out with the toilets and whilst at it the issues of High Causeway. He informs me that in his ‘Debt’ business he is very accommodating at extracting and getting results….


I will be confined to ‘light duties’ and somewhat housebound after Thursday.

Anyone got a story – let me know…..

Me and the ‘Mutt Dog’ in Matlock Bath today Sunday 07th May

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