Trending This Week – 24th December 2016

new-gates-mk-i-cycle-routeFirstly – since Anti-Social Media – does not – Let me congratulate and thank Whittlesey Town Council and Cllr Ray Whitwell for the installation of ‘Gating’ along Cycle Rout 63.
There has been a long ongoing ‘dispute’ over ‘access’ to this ‘Cycle-way’.
Along with several individuals and other organizations – hopefully a ‘reasonable’ conclusion has been reached.
We now wait and see – if wanton vandalism will re-occur on this site.
The ‘Boat Owners’ have good access from Funthams Lane, Cyclists, Horse riders and Dog Walkers can access easily from Stonald Road – My only concern now is that of course it can not be 100% fool proof – Motorbikes, Quad Bikes are also know to use the route – which they shouldn’t.
A great deal of negotiation, time, effort and Council money has been put into this project and I again congratulate the Councillors for this project.

2016-12-14-2I see on another ‘social media site’ that the impending planning application for ‘The Monastery’ has brought a lot of debate – and why not – except of course that many commentators – either do no research and very little effort before making ‘silly comments’
still on reading in the national press that a vast number of people get ‘depressed’ after being on ‘Facebook’® or other sites, maybe the same happens with our own Whittlesey Social Media Sites!- Going by the amount of negativity they post up.

Moving on – I see a good spat of debate again between ‘Daniel C’  and Cllr M Curtis….the last time these two had a good twang at each other I commented the score was 0-0 this time I would say it was 0-4 to Cllr Curtis….. it is very easy to get carried away – loose the plot and worst of all get facts -wrong…..been there and done it….!!!

Finally on my favourite subject of ‘Anti-Social’ Media –
I take great exception to someone called Dan Gliballs on SL® who on a post quote.

“Councillors will take a back hander and it will get approved”

I personally invite Mr Gliballs to contact me with ‘proof’ of his accusations.
I being an Ex councillor have been only accused of such only ‘once’ – when I threatened legal action the accuser withdrew their statement.

I have never been offered any inducement for anything in my personal or professional life.
May I suggest that unless the current councillors bring Mr Gliballs to account these’stupid accusations’ will continue.

There was a WTC Planning Meeting on the 21st December – Nothing overly contentious?
Next planning meeting 04th January 2017

Finally what I call a very successful year on my website – most days 300+ a day and over the weekend up to 2,000 hits – speaks for itself – No other individual or Councillor keeps a personal update on such a regular basis as I have done and hope to do so in the future.
I can not do this by myself and my thanks to many friends who keep me and the public ‘informed’

Feliz Navidad                       Very Happy Christmas, A Healthy, Prosperous, and Happy New Year –

Roy & Connie Gerstner

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