Another Major Travesty About to Happen

Update to this article:
The reasons being given for holding the Planning meeting in Chatteris are that all space at Fenland Hall is required for the ‘Count’ of the forthcoming elections (PCC).
I dare say Leaders would say they are trying to keep ‘members’ mileage allowance to a minimum, coming to Whittlesey might cost £20:00 more for the whole committee to attend!!!!

Bricklayers Arms Planning Application – F/YR15/0716/F

BrickLayers 01Are ‘We’ yet again going to get another ‘BAD’ planning decision.
The application is to be heard at FDC Planning meeting of the 27th April
(I am unable to attend) – At the Chatteris Business Centre – 1pm

The application details can be found on FDC’s website:
Link to Planning Meeting 27th April 2016

It is recommended by ‘Officers’ of the council, in this case the conservation officer,
that the application be refused, giving the reasoning why.

I am not going to copy over the information as there maybe copyright issues.
Considering that Whittlesey Town Council recommended support of the application, the ‘Bulk’ of public opinion is in favour of it happening (some negatives have made views known).
This is a derelict site and to read such ‘Ballony’ (and stating the planning reasons) is beyond my comprehension.

I am aware that some Whittlesey Councillors are lobbying the Planning Committee.
We have had the  TescoGate Saga, SainsburyGate Saga, Showfields Saga, Snowly Park Saga and now potentially could have the ‘Brickies Saga’

I sincerely hope that the Planning Committee find ‘sense’ in approving this application with if necessary conditions.

If you feel strongly enough about getting this site cleaned, cleared and fit for purpose, then
please write to FDC stating the planning application number.

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