I Like Whittlesey…..

160325-05I am not having a go at anyone? – Why is there such negativity on ‘social media’ – Freedom of speech – great, complaints – great – but reading, is enough to put anyone off….
Nothing is perfect, I’ve been out today on my mobile litter picking campaign, I was so ‘Happy’ I didn’t find a great deal 3 hours all over town all I got was half a bag.
Crime – the lowest in Fenland, Schools well rated, Health Centres mainly Okay…could do better in some areas.
All the groups I belong too have no councillors with them, I being the ‘only’ ex councillor, they are made up of people who are prepared to get their hands dirty and ‘try’ and make our town and villages cleaner and safer to live in.
Not everyones cup of tea – fine…..but these ‘people’ are all volunteers – they do it because they want to do it, no one is being forced to join these groups.

I like Whittlesey and I am proud of our town.

160325-03 160325-04

160325-02 160325-01
All pictures taken today, clean and tidy, I didn’t even find any dog dirt !!!

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